Finding a Plumber You Can Trust is Important


Finding a Plumber You Can Trust is Important

Posted on January 26, 2024 by Melbourne Plumber
Having your local plumber at your fingertips is a must
Woman calling a plumber on her smartphone, her washing machine is broken

There are several types of professionals you want to establish a good report with throughout your life. These are usually the following: doctor, barber, mechanic & plumber. Yes, a plumber. There is no doubt that as you go through life you will need to call on the services of a plumber multiple times. And some of those times it will be an emergency situation.

Whether it be for a burst pipe, a sewage backup, a severe clog or just replacing your water heater, you will need to call a plumber at some point. Here are the things you should look for when finding one:

  1. ReputationRead Google reviews
  2. Qualifications – Make sure they are licensed
  3. Responsiveness – Do they return your call right away? Can they come out same day?

Although there are other factors to consider, these are typically most important when finding a good plumber. Once you have found a plumber you like and trust, it is a good idea to hang onto him. Place his number in your speed dial. Never forget that he is an option when you run into a plumbing emergency.

Local vs National

There are plenty of corporately owned plumbing companies in any area in the United States. Some of them are even pretty good at what they do. But, these companies do change personnel quite often as well as ownership and policy. The company you called and liked two years ago may have transformed in the meantime.

Your locally owned and operated plumbing business will almost always be the same group of guys you dealt with last time. They are there for years. They have found a local business model that works.

Typical Service Calls by Volume

Here are the service calls we get mostly ranked in order of volume:

Stubborn Clogs

These are clogs for which the standard treatments don’t work. The plunger was not able to get the flow going again so the customer calls us. We used a variety of methods to get your plumbing back to working normally again.

Leak or Burst

Pipes corrode over time. Eventually there will be a leak and sometimes there will be a burst. If this happens to you, turn off your water at the main source and call your plumber. They can patch or replace the offending leak or pipe.

Install or Replace Appliance

When it comes to hooking up water heaters or other appliances such as dishwashers, it is sometimes a god idea to call a professional. Many things can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing.

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