Most Commons Plumbing Issues Associated with Summer

summer time plumbingSummer is definitely upon us. The nights are warm and the days are hot. Daylight has been more and more abundant. In fact, we are only a week away from the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.

That got me thinking: what are the most common plumbing problems this time of year? So, I put together a list below:

  1. Washing machine problems – The washing machine is used very frequently in the summer time. Kids make their clothes dirty all day and the laundry piles up. More use of the machine means more drain build up. Plumbers get lots of calls related to washing machine drains in the summer.
  2. Sprinkler issues – The lawn is thirsty this time of year and water sprinklers are working over time. More use means more of a chance for them to break. One should check their system for leaks and make sure the heads are clean.
  3. Backed up shower drains – Heat plus more daylight equals more showers. The family must stay clean and that means more shower use. More soaps are washed down the drain as a result. Soapy residue and hair make for bad clogs. Make sure to keep pipes clear by occasionally applying liquid plumbing treatment.
  4. Clogged toilets – The incidents of clogged toilets goes up in the summer as well. The kids are home all day and, well, let’s just say stuff happens. When you have a severe blockage it is best to have a professional plumber address the problem.
  5. Insufficient Sump Pumps – We don’t have basements in this area but people who live in low laying areas have water infiltration around their house. They employ sump pumps to keep the water at bay. This time of year with all the rain, those pumps can become overwhelmed. Make sure you have the right pump for the space you are keeping clear.

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Recovering from Water Damage

home floodingYou may have seen the flooding that it happening up north on the news. Flooding can happen to most people in a bad enough storm. It is important to have a plan ready in case of flooding.

Or you may suffer from a burst pipe sometime in the future. In any event, it is always a good idea to be prepared and know what to do if a large amount of water is entering your home. Continue reading

Substances That Cause Household Drain Clogs

clogged drainYou probably have suffered from clogged drains before and were able to resolve it either using a commercial drain cleaner or by calling a professional plumber. We all know that drains get clogged, but what are they clogged with? Here is a list of the six most common reasons for the clog:

  1. Hair – Human hair is designed to protect us from sun and weather. But it is also designed to replace itself in a cycle over time. This means that your hair is constantly falling out. Most of the time this occurs in your shower and when you wash your hair or shave.
  2. Soap – Soap re-solidifies once it has collected and cools. This goes for all soap types. These soaps include hand soap (major culprit), shampoos, laundry soap and dish soap.
  3. Dirt – Dirt makes for a great component with the soap mentioned above. It adds strength to the clog and allows it to congeal.
  4. Food Waste – Even if you don’t have a garbage disposal, food is getting into your drains. When you wash dishes or rinse a plate off, it travels down the drain in small bits that will latch onto the existing drain clog.
  5. Minerals – Minerals are in water. They are especially in hard water or unfiltered water. If you have a well for your water, then you know this fact all too well. Minerals start building microscopically and can be seen over long periods of time causing buildup.
  6. Toilet Paper – It’s a fact of life: we all need toilet paper. And no matter how biodegradable this stuff is, it can still cause buildup in your sewage drains.  The paper latches onto existing clogs and allows it to compound itself.

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Smelly Drain? Here are Some Tips

Summer time is upon us in Melbourne Florida. It’s hot every day now and as a result, some sewer gases may creep back through the pipes into your house. If you have a smell that is emanating from your drain that seems to be sewer gas, you will want to call a professional plumber. But, if you think the smell just may be old food particles, then you may want to try a few of these home remedies.

  1. Baking Soda, Vinegar and Hot Water – Dump a handful of baking soda into your drain. Let it sit for a bit (about 15 minutes). Then pour half a cup of vinegar on top of it (wait another 15 minutes). Finally, follow with a pot of very hot water. Be careful and do not burn yourself. This trick seems to work for many people.
  2. Baking Soda, Lemon Juice and Hot Water – This is similar to the first trick. Just replace the vinegar with lemon juice. It smells nicer but has the same effect because it is acidic.
  3. Boiling Water – The power of boiling water is real. If it is hot enough to kill bacteria in food, then it is hot enough to kill bacteria in your sink. Heat it up and dump in down.
  4. Commercial Drain Cleaners – These cleaners may cost 5 or 6 bucks for a bottle but if you follow the directions and apply to your drain properly you can really eliminate a lot of the build up that occurs. These cleaners use more powerful ingredients than vinegar and lemon so handle with care.

If the smell persists after trying these methods, please feel free to give us a call at Space Coast Plumbing Inc. 321-725-5996

Summertime Plumbing Problems

Some plumbing problems seem to be more prevalent in the summertime. Here are some of the biggest problems that seem to present themselves in the summertime.

  1. Clogged Toilets – Kids are home for the summer which means they will be using the toilet much more than they do during school days. They will inadvertently (or advertently) clog the toilet with too much paper, or even other objects that have no business near the toilet. Solution: You can educate your children on what can and cannot be thrown into the toilet. You can invest in a top notch plunger.
  2. Lawn Sprinkler Issues – The sprinklers may be dormant a few months during the winter so when you fire them back up they may be clogged or grown over. It is recommended that you manually clean off the sprinkler heads and inspect any visible parts of the pipes.
  3. Clogged Garbage Disposal – Summertime means more food around the house. Kids are home, like we mentioned above, and the house is more active with your kids and other people’s kids too. Also, there are summertime BBQ’s and social events taking place. Bones and grizzle can get jammed up in your disposal. The solution is to pay more attention to what goes into the disposal. Also, clean it from time to time and make sure the blades aren’t dull.
  4. Backed Up Shower Drain – Getting dirty and showering off can have a cumulative effect on drains. There could be a backup of soap suds and animal fat already forming. Mix in some sand from the beach or dirt that the kids track in and you have a clogged drain. You can call a plumber to have them snake the drain and get it flowing again.

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Water Pressure Problems?

water pressure help brevard county florida

Every person probably has their own preferred water pressure. They surely have their own preferred water temperature as well. The temperature can be controlled by the flick of a wrist and on the spot but water pressure is a different story.

Usually poor water pressure is caused by clogged pipes. Any house that is older will have build up within their pipes. If you think the problem may be in the city water lines then you can get a water pressure gauge and check it at the source. This will help you narrow down the issue.  Continue reading

Pipe Replacement in Melbourne, Florida

piping home FloridaNearly every homeowner has dealt with an uncomplicated plumbing problem such as a backed-up toilet or leaky faucet. Generally, these common annoyances are an easy plumbing repair, but more complicated issues can potentially occur at any time, disrupting you and your family’s daily schedules.

Eventually, plumbing piping rusts corrode and decay from regular usage. Homeowners must eventually deal with pipe replacement, or suffer from leaking pipes, and potential flooding of water or sewage resulting in costly damage to your home. Continue reading

When to Contact a Florida Plumber for Toilet Issues

toilet plumber melbourne flMost homeowners realize that their bathroom is the room most used in their home. Because of this reason, it is not surprising that the toilet breaks on occasion. A malfunctioning toilet can result in major delays for everyone in the family.

If you are a homeowner with a broken toilet, it is understandable to want it repaired quickly. Every toilet problem may not be solved as easily as unclogging a toilet. Many issues may arise within the tank itself, being that many moving parts are located in this area. Homeowners may experience strange noises or continuously running water. Or, water may be building up at the toilet base. Continue reading

Leave Toilet Replacement and Repair to Plumbing Professionals

plumbing toilet repair MelbourneNobody enjoys dealing with a broken toilet. It smells horrible and it’s also embarrassing. Toilets are generally difficult to repair, and toilet replacement can be costly. The most frequently found problems with toilets originate from a few areas. A professional has the knowledge what to do and the ability to remedy the situation in a small amount of time. A repaired or replaced toilet means your home will smell fresher and look better, as well as make your life simpler.

Only Trust a Certified Professional with Toilet Problems

Toilets are complex to repair correctly. Your water bill may increase if a mistake is made during repair. Moreover, when repairing a toilet there is a risk of odors and leaks that may result in damage to your home. A certified, experienced plumber is the only individual who should perform work on a toilet. Employing a professional Melbourne plumber ensures homeowners save money as well as headaches from handling these issues on their own. Continue reading

Sewer Smoke Testing in Florida

smoke testing melbourne flTo locate sources of sewer odors, locate leaks, as well as entry points for rodents and insects in buildings and homes, sewer smoke testing is often completed. A video inspection often accompanies a plumber smoke test to provide a more thorough analysis of commercial greasy waste drainage, sanitary drainage, or storm drainage systems.

How a Sewer Smoke Testing is Completed

A non-toxic, environmentally safe vapor, or smoke, is blown into the grease, storm, or sewer system by way of an access point like a vent in the roof. Next, the smoke makes its way through the pipes, placing pressure on the drainage system, revealing itself at or close to the cause of the leak. Continue reading