Tips to Reduce Allergens and Mold in Your Home

Mold prevention tipsPlumbing directly involves the bringing in of freshwater to a home and the removal of wastewater. Many times we run into areas around leaking plumbing that has mold. Mold is a leading cause for allergies. With this in mind we decided to write this article on tips that will help prevent mold and other allergens from being present inside your home. Continue reading

Different Kinds of Plumbing Noises and What they Mean

loose pipes may cause noisePlumbing makes noise. Most of the time it is just the plumbing doing its thing. It is carrying water to an appliance, or it is carrying waste water away from a receptacle. Sometimes, plumbing noises are not normal and can be a sign is something wrong.

Here we list some sounds and what they mean:

  1. Whooshing – If you hear a whoosh from your pipes that starts up out of nowhere this may be a sign of mineral deposits. The especially happens in galvanized and copper pipes. The buildup is causing the water to whoosh around inside the pipe.
  2. Banging – This usually means the pipes were installed improperly behind the walls. The way to fix them is have a plumber expert fasten them down properly. If not done, these pipes could come apart behind the wall and that is an entirely new headache for you.
  3. Whistling – Have you heard whistling in your home? Usually this has to do with the toilet. An improperly sealed toilet fill valve may be the culprit. Remove the back of the toilet and give the mechanism and adjustment. If it still whistles, you may need to replace it.
  4.  Rumbling РThis is probably coming from your hot water tank. The tank can fill with sediment over years and now the device is not regulating heat properly. The tank needs to be drained.

There are some sounds that we have missed. Feel free to comment below and we will go over any that we missed.

The Problem With Ignoring Slab Leaks

slab leak problemsIf there is water leaking from under the concrete in your house you may have a slab leak. Slab leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons a slab leak occurs are:

  1. Improper construction
  2. Outside pressure
  3. Poor water chemistry and quality
  4. Old age
  5. Damage from settled earth

The problem with ignoring a little leak is that it will eventually become a big leak. As a result of a bigger leak you can suffer from more property damage and higher repair bills.

Also, the water may be dissipating into the ground and your water bill may be edging upward slightly every month.

So, basically the sooner you address a slab leak and have it fixed the better. The cost to repair it increases exponentially over time.

If you have a newer home, you may have some recourse. If the construction was shoddy, you may have a legal case to recover the costs of the repair.

If you live in the middle -upper middle part of the state of Florida, it is a good idea to get the base checked for sink holes. You definitely don’t want to fall victim to a sink hole.

Do You Need a Water Heater Tune Up?

water heater tune upHaven’t heard of this before? Don’t feel ashamed, many people do not know that you could tune up your water heater. But this maintenance can save you money and time down the road. So, what exactly is done during this tune up?


Flushing out the water heater basically get rid of any sediment that has built up within the unit. The sediment makes the heater less efficient and taints the water you are using. I saw a water heater unit that was half way full of copper colored sediment. This was in an area of Palm Bay that still had well water. The water heater was not salvageable. Continue reading

Whole Home Water Filtration – Is It For You?

whole home water filtration

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When the water comes from the city water treatment plant it is highly chlorinated. This is to prevent bacteria from forming on its way to your house. And although the chlorination levels are safe to drink, it can cause the water to taste bad and be hard on the skin.

Many folks already have a water filter on their faucet for their drinking water. But, have you ever considered a whole-home water filter? This filter treats the water before it enters your home’s main pipe system. Continue reading

Think Twice About Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaners

drain clog remedyThe liquid chemical drain cleaner has been around for some time. We have all seen the commercials. Pour in the liquid or the gel and the clog goes away in minutes. This may be true some of the time but what exactly is going on when you use these products?

Firstly, we cannot overstate how dangerous these chemicals are to have around the house, especially when you have kids or pets. They are highly corrosive and will kill skin on contact. With that said, what else are they harming? Continue reading

Keeping Your Dishwasher from Clogging

dishwasher tipsThe modern dishwasher is a luxury for sure. Anyone who has had an electric dishwasher then moved to a home without one knows what a luxury they can be. But dishwashers can have their bad times too. They are not without their own problems.

Up to 75% of homes have an electric dishwasher.  So, you could say that people believe in the power and effectiveness of it. But, anyone who has had major dishwasher problems knows they can be a headache. Continue reading

Summertime Plumbing Tips

summer plumbing tipsThe almost perfect spring temperature will soon give way to excessive heat. Here in Central Florida it is not uncommon to have 95 degrees heat with 75-100% humidity. It is basically a human blast furnace.

Kids will be out of school and much more time will be spent indoors in the nice cool AC. This mean your plumbing will be getting plenty of use.  So, what can you do to protect your plumbing in the summer months? Continue reading

Sewage Coming Up Through Bathtub

snake drainThis is a conundrum that is never anticipated, nor much thought about, until it actually happens to you. One day, while using your restroom, you may catch a whiff of sewage and think nothing of it. But then some time goes by and the next thing you know you have sewage liquids showing up in your bathtub.

A sewage backup caused by a block is not the end of the world but it is not a pleasant experience by any means. Don’t panic. Here are some steps of what you need to do: Continue reading

Garbage Disposal Problems

garbage disposal problemsA garbage disposal is a handy tool in the kitchen. As the name implies, this device helps you dispose of bits of matter in the kitchen that may be considered garbage. Of course, it has its limitations. Only degradable materials should be put into your disposal. Materials other than food may cause you major problems, if not now, then down the road.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your disposal. Here is a list of symptoms and the possible cause for your garbage disposal: Continue reading