8 Common Problems Seen Within Plumbing


8 Common Problems Seen Within Plumbing

Posted on September 27, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber

Whether you rent or own a home, you will likely be faced with a plumbing problem at least once. However, many of the problems seen that involve plumbing will not be detectable right away.

When these problems are not addressed, this can result in major repairs. Normally, an issue with the plumbing will be caused by age and normal wear. While it may seem simple to fix the problems, it is better to leave them to the pros. With that, below we have listed some common problems seen within plumbing.

  1. Faucets that Leak

A leaky faucet is a big deal in the plumbing world and many homeowners experience it at some point. The thing about faucets that leak is that the amount of water that it causes may not be realized until the water bill comes due.

When a leak occurs, it is often due to a damaged washer that has become loose, still, or has a tear, which allows dripping water to leak. When the leak remains, the entire issue could worsen.

  1. Pipes that Leak

When you have pipes that leak, the damage could be extensive and could affect furniture and flooring. Over time, the small leaks could grow and eventually need to be replaced  or fitted. Having leaks from your pipes could also cause mold to develop.

The leaky pipe could be caused by joints that are damaged, seals that are cracked, and corrosion. So when you take a long time to correct these issues, the damage may worsen and spread to other parts of the home.

Although fixing a pipe may seem like an easy job, the mess associated with it could be significant if it is done incorrectly.

  1. Toilet’s that are Clogged

Having a toilet that gets clogged can be frustrating. This will be especially true for times where the fills but draining never takes place. While the major cause for a toilet that is clogged is due to waste, it can also be caused by both waste and a huge amount of paper. Usually, a plumbing snake will be utilized to loosen the clog and remove it

  1. Water Heater is Bad

When you have a strong desire to enjoy a hot shower, nothing will be worse than not having any hot water to enjoy due to your water heater being bad. When a water heater is bad, it will be due to sediment buildup. The increase in sediment will have a huge impact on the efficiency of the water heater and decrease its amount you are supplied with. To correct the problem, you can have the blockages cleared once the tank is empty.

Also, it is a good idea to ensure that the water heater is the correct size and type. This means the water heater used for a four-bedroom home will not be the same as a one-bedroom apartment. When leaks are occurring, the heater’s efficiency will also be affected.

  1. Issues with the Sewer

When the sewer backs up, it will quickly turn a bad day worse for most homeowners. When the sewer is clogged, it will have a direct effect on other home drains and cause water to pool. A sewer runs into problems while you are attempting to flush harder than the toilet is designed to do. This will mean you are trying to flush items that are not flushable. As the items combine with other items, a clog can form and cause a back-up.

The sewer can also be affected by tree roots. If the roots are big enough, they can sneak their way into the sewer line and cause havoc.

  1. Decreased Water Pressure

When you notice just a trickle of water coming from the tap, then it will likely be a problem with water pressure. This could be caused by leaks, blockages, or buildups, which have now caused the water pressure to decrease.

  1. Hose Bib needs Replacing

When a hose bib goes bad it will need to  be replaced when the region you live in is freezing. As the season changes, the hose bib will crack. No matter how much of an opening exists, the leak can last a while if it is not replaced. Eventually, the hose bib can cause a significant amount of damage to property. In order to avoid this hose bib issue they should be frost-free so that leaks can be prevented.

  1. Drains that are Slow

When water blockages occur, the water will end up draining slowly. This plumbing problem is common due to sinks always having some sort of collection of hair, grease, food particles, or soap. When the drains are cleaned routinely, then there will be less of this happening. This routine cleaning will require you to remove the debris with a plunger or chemical. If the drain does not get cleared, then the problem will be permanent.

Having a drain that is slow can also cause health problems if not resolved. When you experience more than one drain that slowly drains, then there may be an underlying issue that needs correcting.


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