Leaking Pipes: Repair or Replace


Leaking Pipes: Repair or Replace

Posted on January 5, 2023 by Melbourne Plumber

to repair or to replace a leak

Leaking pipes indicate that you have plumbing issues and that your supply pipes need fixing. This usually occurs with old and less maintained pipes. And, if you had trouble with repairing leaking pipes in the past, it is in your best interest to consider replacing them to stop leaks in the future.

Leaking pipes can even lead to water pipe bursts, which can be stressful. Therrrefooore you must handle the issue as soon as possible. You can either repair the water pipe or replace it entirely. The severity of the pipe’s deterioration determines how easily you can fix it. Continue reading to learn when you can repair or replace your pipe.

When Should You Repair Leaking Pipes?

If you want to repair the broken pipe, the plumber in Melbourne, FL, will visit and analyze the damage caused. They use their expertise to locate the leak in the pipe, and you can also notice the leaking on the ground’s surface.

The plumber will insert an air hose past the broken pipe’s location. This air hose will then clear up the remaining water in the pipe. The old pipe is then replaced with one that is slightly smaller. It must be pushed past the pipe’s damage to cover the broken area until it touches the water.

After this, the air hose is drowned into the water to blow air into the pipe, and you can listen to air bubbles in the water to measure its depth. Apply expanding urethane foam crack filler to the groove between the two pipes. The foam will expand and solidify to fill the space between the two pipes. The foam should descend to the water’s surface and then rise to the ground’s surface.

It will ooze up once it has sealed the crack. The plumber will remove any extra foam and allow it to be set before cleaning up. The inner, smaller water line must be attached to the system before reapplying water pressure.

When Should You Replace Leaking Pipes?

When a leak occurs, you often need to completely replace the pipes because they are either too old or too worn. Generally, the reason behind broken pipes is frozen water because water expands when it freezes. The pipes are not composed of flexible materials and are not intended to stretch as frozen water expands.

Eventually, the wear and tear of pipes from expansion and contraction will weaken them regardless of the material they are made of. However, you can choose the type of pipe replacement. We’ll go over each approach of pipe replacement so you can decide which is ideal for your house.

Methods of Pipe Replacement

Following are the two methods of replacing broken pipes, and we will discuss them in detail.

Trenching Pipe Replacement

It is an old technique that involves completely digging up the pipe. In this process, the bottom of the pipe and the complete cylinder must be visible. In addition, the entire pipe must be pulled up, not just the cracked part. Nowadays, there are better ways of replacing pipes than trenching because it can be costly and time-consuming.

The procedure entirely uproots your grass and any nearby landscaping. Because you now have to pay to replace your grass in the impacted regions. Digging can be risky since you risk cutting into cable and other similar wires.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Trenchless is a new and improved approach to replacing pipes. This process involves digging up only some of the pipe. It replaces the pipe from within the existing pipe with the ‘one cure in place pipe’ technique.

A machine inserts a new, marginally smaller pipe into the broken pipe. By entering one end and exiting the other, the machine moves along the whole length of the pipe while laying it simultaneously. This method is cost-effective, provides increased durability, and is environmentally clean.

Bottom Line

Broken pipes can sometimes be disturbing, and you end up with two options: repair or replace the pipe. We have discussed some factors you should consider before repairing or replacing the pipe.

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