Side Sewer Issues – What to Expect


Side Sewer Issues – What to Expect

Posted on January 4, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber
Side sewer diagnosis and repair
These side sewer connections need to be checked as well to make sure they are secure and functioning properly.

The side sewer carries wastewater from sinks, toilets and other drains to the public sewer.  If you own your house or business then you also own your side sewer and are responsible for its maintenance and repair. Being familiar with the side sewer can help you understand what is happening should it ever need repair.

Most Frequent Issues

There are a variety of problems which can arise with the side sewer. They can develop cracks or leaks which can cause a lot of problem in the long run.

They are constructed by several pipe joints which may not match up perfectly. These are called offset joints. Many problems can arise here too. Cracks or leaks in your side sewer can cause problems with your soil and yard and can result in structure failure. Sediment can build up and block these side sewers too, causing all sorts of backflow problems.

Diagnose and Act

If you are a DIY type person then you can use the process of elimination to determine where your issue is coming from. If you have eliminated other pipes and fixtures as being the problem and have decided that the side sewer is your issue, you have to decide what to do next. Do you go at this alone? Or do you hire a professional plumber who can knock it out quickly. Both have their drawbacks. professional plumbers can be expensive but the rarely make mistakes.

Don’t Wait

If you have strange smells or leakage coming from under or outside of your house and you think it may be the side sewer, get a pro in there to diagnose the problem right away. The sooner you tackle the issue the less damage which will be done to your property.

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