Signs that Your Sewer Line May Need Repair


Signs that Your Sewer Line May Need Repair

Posted on November 5, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber

signs your sewer pipes need repair

No homeowner wants to deal with major catastrophic damage in or around their home. This is because it can get pretty expensive and all the work being done can really affect your daily life. Before an issue gets to be catastrophic, it can be nipped in the bud as they say.

Today we are discussing sewer lines. These exit pipes from your home go fully unnoticed when functioning properly. But when they fail to perform, the results are noticeable right away.

Usually a sewer line will be totally collapsed or failing in other ways before people address the problem. It is a much better idea to address what is going on before it comes to the point of total failure. It can be less of a hassle and less expensive if dealt with early on.

Here are some signs that your sewer line is failing and may need to be repaired or replaced:

  1. Constant clogs or back-ups.
    The occasional back-up or clog is normal in any home. But what can happen as your sewer system fails is that clogs and back-ups become more and more frequent. Its one of the “canary in the coal mine” signs in which to look out for.
  2. Mold
    If there is mold growing in or around your home where it didn’t before, this could be a sign. This is because cracked sewer lines can cause leaks in your walls.
  3. Smells
    If you notice smells that are reoccurring and come back no matter what you do, this is a definite sign that your sewer system may need repair.  People try everything before coming to this conclusion. Having a professional plumber look at it may save a lot of time.
  4. Green Grass Patches
    If parts of your lawn are greener than others this may be a sign that sewage is leaking from your sewer line. The nitrates from the waste is fueling the green in the grass. This may sound good but it leads to inevitable total failure of your sewer system.

We hope these tips help you identify possible problems with your sewer line. The sooner they can be diagnosed the better.


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