Maintenance You Can Do During Quarantine


Maintenance You Can Do During Quarantine

Posted on May 14, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber

plumbing maintenanceWe have seen the country on a full lock-down for almost two months now because of the corona-virus pandemic. While some states are getting things running again, many states and industries have not been cleared to do so. We though that writing a blog about plumbing maintenance that you can do while on lock-down would be a good idea.

Clean Your Shower Heads

We often forget about the shower head even though we use it every day. The shower head can get clogged by buildup. A clogged shower head means that the water isn’t able to run smoothly through it and this can put unnecessary strain on your pipes.

You can create a solution of white vinegar and baking soda. Take an old toothbrush and apply the solution while scrubbing out the build-up. Rinse with hot water and repeat.

Clean Your Drains

You can flush out your drains with an all natural concoction of white vinegar and baking soda. If you have a snake, this would be a good time to run it through there and knock out any build up.

Some people use chemical drain cleaners. Although these are effective, we suggest using natural means to perform preventative maintenance.

Clean Your Traps

Traps are the bottom part of the pipe under your sink that curves. This piece is commonly referred to as “p-traps,” “s-traps,” or “u-traps.” They can be removed and thoroughly cleaned. This prevents clogs and smells from materializing.

You can use the white vinegar and baking soda solution and a steel pipe brush. Rinse with hot water and repeat.

Clean Your Shower Grout

The grout in your shower gets dirty from build-up over time. It also is a breeding ground for mold. You can buy an anti-mold shower grout cleaning solution at your local store. It is a good idea to keep the grout nice and clean. Mold can be bad for your personal health and that of your family as well.


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