Snaking Your Own Toilet or Drain


Snaking Your Own Toilet or Drain

Posted on April 13, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber
plumber snake
A simple plumbing snake

There are some clogs that liquid plumber and and rubber plungers just can’t seem to solve. (Try these home solutions too). For those really tough stubborn clogs there is a device called a “snake”. I am sure you have heard about this device and know exactly why it is called that. So, I won’t waste time or words on that.

But what is good to know is that you can get a pretty decent snake online for about 40 bucks. There are snakes that work well on the free market and they will deliver them right to your door.

The instructions are simple: Extend the snake coil, shove down into the drain or toilet and make sure it goes around the bend in the plumbing. Twist the snake device a dozen times or so then withdrawal. It can be a god idea to twist the device while withdrawing too.

9 times out of 10 this will solve your simple clog. Make sure to wash and sterilize the snake before putting it in storage. There will be all types of nasty bacteria on it.

For clogs that the snake can’t get, contact your professional plumber. There is probably a clog in the main line and he will need to employ a heavy duty fix. Sometimes this is done by getting on top of the house and getting to the main drain through the ventilation pipe.

Whatever you do don’t panic. Your plumber will solve your issue and you will be back to running normal before you know it.

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