How to Handle a Water Heater Leak


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How to Handle a Water Heater Leak

Posted on July 30, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber

Any type of water leak should be addressed right away. When water leaks onto floors many things can occur as a result. Long term water exposure can damage flooring and other items which the water is in contact with. Also, mold spores can begin to form right away. Mold can be toxic and cause serious long-term health issues. If you notice water leaking from your water heater, you should take the following steps: Torn Off Power Source - Making sure there is no electricity running to the water heater is the first step in dealing with a water heater issue. ...

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Do You Need a Water Heater Tune Up?

Posted on June 12, 2019 by Melbourne Plumber

Haven't heard of this before? Don't feel ashamed, many people do not know that you could tune up your water heater. But this maintenance can save you money and time down the road. So, what exactly is done during this tune up? Flush Flushing out the water heater basically get rid of any sediment that has built up within the unit. The sediment makes the heater less efficient and taints the water you are using. I saw a water heater unit that was half way full of copper colored sediment. This was in an area of Palm Bay that still ...

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Plumbing Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Posted on May 1, 2017 by Melbourne Plumber

While not all plumbing jobs are something you can take on yourself, there are a few maintenance projects that are totally safe for most DIYers to do on their own. If you want to help your plumbing and appliances last longer, then you need to help take care of them. Here are a few projects that you can take on, and shouldn’t have too much trouble with. Cleaning Out Your Drains By simply taking a little boiling water and pouring it down drains once a month, you can keep some of your drains working better. The boiling water helps to ...

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It’s So Important to Clean Your Drains Regularly

Posted on April 3, 2017 by Melbourne Plumber

The drains of your home are all interconnected through the piping of your home. Bathroom drains, kitchen drains, and even washing machine drains all need to flow through the same pipes to get out to the sewer line. If those drains clog up, that water will have no choice but to flow back into your Melbourne, Florida home. If you go through and clean out your drains regularly, however, you can often prevent this from happening. How Often Do Drains Require Cleaning? Some people suggest that you clean out your drains each week, while others say once a year is ...

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