How to Handle a Water Heater Leak


How to Handle a Water Heater Leak

Posted on July 30, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber
Repair or replace leaking water heater

Any type of water leak should be addressed right away. When water leaks onto floors many things can occur as a result. Long term water exposure can damage flooring and other items which the water is in contact with. Also, mold spores can begin to form right away. Mold can be toxic and cause serious long-term health issues.

If you notice water leaking from your water heater, you should take the following steps:

  1. Torn Off Power Source – Making sure there is no electricity running to the water heater is the first step in dealing with a water heater issue. You do not want to get shocked or electrocuted.
  2. Turn Off Water – Turning off the water source will prevent more water from adding to your problem.
  3. Repair or Replace – Assess the unit. If the problem is a leaky pipe or seal, you can replace it and the problem is fixed. If the unit has a crack or has erosion in the tank, you will need to replace it.



Remember to keep your temperature and water pressure at the recommended levels. These simple steps can help extend the life of the water heating unit. It is also recommended that you drain the tank twice per year. This helps flush out any sediment.

If working on the water heater is not your thing, you can call a licensed plumber to handle your situation.


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