The Anatomy of a Stubborn Clog


The Anatomy of a Stubborn Clog

Posted on November 8, 2023 by Melbourne Plumber

Disgusting drain clog

The best part about modern plumbing is that we can take the nasty gross things about everyday life and literally wash them away in seconds. Carefully designed pipes which use gravity and water pressure whisk your waste away in a very efficient manner. Let’s dig further into what is going on inside your pipes. 

When plumbing pipes are new they are highly efficient. The smooth surfaces allow water and waste to flow freely with zero impediment. But over time, the flow within these pipes can start to degrade. Here are some of the reasons this happens:

  1. Damaged pipes – Tiny fissures can occur in pipes that destroy the perfect operation of your plumbing system. These cracks create resistance to free flowing liquids. Not only that, they create a surface onto which gunk starts to accumulate.
  2. Gunk Buildup – Slime, grime and other waste can and almost certainly will build up over time. These blockages slow the flow of wastewater and eventually lead to a clog.
  3. Obstruction – An item which should not be in the pipe will cause the inevitable blockage. This can be any item which was accidentally or purposely put into the drain but is too large or cumbersome to safely pass through. 

Most often, the cause of clogs in the bathroom are due to hair and soap. The combination of hair, which is a very strong material, and wax-like material in soap is a recipe for a clog. 

We have pulled some of the most gruesome clogs out of drains right here in Melbourne, FL. We have found clumps of gunk containing hair, hair ties, fingernail clippings, animal fat, soap, disposable razor caps, dead insects and more. 

You can call a plumber to flush your pipes if you notice they take a long time to drain. The plumber can choose from a variety of tools and methods to take care of the clog. There are chemical solutions as well as physical tools that will grind away at your stubborn drain clog and have your plumbing system running like new in no time.

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