How Does a Person Become a Plumber?


How Does a Person Become a Plumber?

Posted on May 31, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber

Those looking to learn a trade like plumbing often want to know where and how to start. The road to becoming a plumber is like that of many other trades. In this article we will discuss the path that one must take to become a licensed professional plumber.

High School Diploma or General Equivalency 

Plumbing requires that you have a good grasp on science and math. These skills are learned all throughout school but are fine-tuned in high school. It is important to complete these courses at the high school level.

Vocational Training

You don’t need a college degree to be a plumber but colleges do offer courses on plumbing. They also offer advanced math and science courses. These credits can be used to help you become a licensed plumber.


Perhaps the most integral part of becoming a plumber is on-the-job training. Seeing how things are done in practice, not on paper, is essential. An apprenticeship helps you learn the trade from an expert and allows you to apply your craft at the same time. A good mentor will permit you to do more and more as time moves forward.


Getting licensed insures you will get good paying work. This can be done after you have proved yourself on the job. You have to take a test in order to be licensed.


Once you have the apprenticeship and licensing under your belt it is time to strike out as a plumber on your own. You can work as a free-lancer or work for a company. Its your choice. Being a licensed plumber will allow you the freedom to choose jobs and will also allow you to make more money.


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