How Can I Block my Tub Drain Without a Plug?


How Can I Block my Tub Drain Without a Plug?

Posted on May 3, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber

People often move into a home and are forced to deal with what the last tenant or owner left behind. Many times this boils down to lack of a certain item. In this case we are talking about having a tub that has no plug. How can you block the tub with no plug?

This article is only a temporary fix and we suggest buying the proper plug for your drain. There are ways to block it off right now if need be.

I. Plastic Bag or Film

Plastic is a useful material in many ways. When it comes to waterproofing an item there is no better substance. That is why it is a good drain block as well. You can place plastic film over your drain and hold it in place until the drain fills up some. After the weight of the water hold it in place you can let go.

II. Lids from Household Items

You can sometimes use a lid from a coffee can or other container to block the drain. There may be some seepage but again this article is for when you are in a jam and cannot go to the hardware store.

III. Keurig Coffee Capsule

Speaking of coffee. Sometimes those little containers which contain coffee can be a good fit for your drain. They are about the same width as many drains. You may even try to combo this capsule with a plastic film for a one-two whammy.


Blocking your drain should not be an exercise in futility. It should be an easy thing to do. The most efficient way to do this is with a proper plug. However, when you are in a jam, the items mentioned above may just do the trick.


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