Why You Should Have Two Plungers


Why You Should Have Two Plungers

Posted on December 6, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber

Toilet Plunger

The modern plunger is a simple device which was invented sometime in the 1700’s. It is unknown who invented the plunger but the device has worked the same since day one.

It consists of using a pliable suction cup attached to a stick or pole. The cup creates a vacuum around the pipe and the pulling and pushing action helps knock loose whatever is causing the clog.

Moreover, when the suction end is removed from the drain or clogged pipe, the restoration of pressure to it usually forces free what has been lodged. The science is simple and logic is unfailing.

In this article we describe why you should have two, not one plunger in your home.

#1 Toilet Plunger

This is actually a larger plunger than you are probably thinking (pictured). Most people are using a sink plunger for their toilet.

Everyone knows how to use it. We actually suggest waiting 10-15 minutes after your clog forms to allow the water to to help degrade whatever is causing the clog.

After this time you can turn the water to the toilet off and go to town. It may take several sessions but patience and persistence are the key here.

#2 Plunger – Sink Plunger

This is the plunger you probably have behind the toilet. This is the size that should actually be used for your sink or tub. You use this plunger in the very same way as the toilet plunger.

The purpose of having two plungers is that one is larger and made for the toilet. And the other reason is that you don’t want to contaminate your sink area with feces from the toilet.

If you are having a tough time unclogging your drain or toilet, call a professional plumber today.

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