How to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom


How to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber

preventing mold in the bathroom

Mold is an every day part of life for people living in tropical climates like Florida. Even if you do not currently have a mold issue, you have probably run into one in the past. In an environment like ours which is humid, rainy and warm most of the year, you will encounter mold.

Although there are many types of mold, the main concern for humans is Stachybotrys, aka, black mold. This mold loves to form on anything organic and wet. Those conditions are found perfectly inside a home.

But even if the mold isn’t black, it can effect us in the following ways:

  1. Cause property damage which costs money to repair.
  2. Cause allergies. Many people can have reactions to any type of airborne particles.
  3. Make the room smell bad or unpleasant.

Below are some quick tips to prevent mold in the most likely room to be effected by it in your home.

Check for Leaky Pipes

Get under the sink and look to see if you have a drip. If you have an access panel to the pipes behind the wall, remove that panel and check for leaks there. he same goes for the shower plumbing. Leaks need to be repaired ASAP to prevent mold from occurring.

Proper Air Circulation

A hot steamy room can increase your chances of getting mold. So, make sure your exhaust fan is being used regularly. Crack a window if you have one. Also, leave the door cracked after hot showers or baths. Keep that room aired out.

Check the Grout

Make sure your grout on tiles, toilet and shower are holding up well. Repair or replace it if it is worn or damaged. The grout keeps water from getting in behind the façade. Water getting behind your shower, tub or faucet is a sure way to get mold.

You can clean tiny spots of mold yourself. There are ready-made mold cleaners on the market. You can spray it down and wipe it. But you better fix the issue which started the mold or it will continue and grow to where you cannot simply clean it any longer.

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