Signs That Your Water Pressure is Too High


Signs That Your Water Pressure is Too High

Posted on May 18, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber

High water pressure telltale signs

You may enjoy a nice shower with plenty of water pressure hitting your body. But if you have ever wondered if the pressure was to high then you should look for the telltale signs.

If you believe that your water pressure may be actually getting higher but you are not sure there are some ways to tell this as well.

  1. Water Bill is Getting Increasingly More Expensive. If your water bill seems to be a little more every month, there is a chance your pressure is slowly increasing.  Normal water pressure is between 40-60 PSI. Some homes have been found to have water pressure as high as 80-100 PSI. That’s a lot of water moving very quickly.
  2. Hot Water Runs Out Fast. If you have taken a shower and are surprised by how quickly the hot water is used up, then your pressure may be too high. Again, the higher pressure is moving more water and emptying your tank too quickly.
  3. Pipes and Appliances Made Loud Noises. If you hear the pipes in the walls make a lot of noise when toilets are flushed or sinks are running, you water pressure may be too high. These plumbing parts are designed for an ideal amount of water and water pressure. If it gets too high you may face some costly troubles down the road.

High water pressure can lead to a variety of problems with your plumbing. You can have leaky seals, damaged appliances and pipes as a result of too high water pressure.

If you think you may have this problem, contact your plumber right away and schedule an appointment. The solution may  be very simple and save you a great deal of headache down the road.


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