How to Remove Old Caulk


How to Remove Old Caulk

Posted on April 14, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber


Caulk removal in home

Caulking is used in every home. It is usually used where water is used. The caulk creates a water-tight seal which prevents water from getting behind or between things. Without caulk there would be all types of mold and pest activity between your cabinets and and behind your walls.

Caulk is also used on windows, cabinets and just about anywhere there is a seam which needs to be sealed. Caulk not only prevents water exposure but it keeps out bugs.

Caulk, like all things, wears down over time. The passage of time sees the substance degrade on a molecular level. Eventually the old caulk will need to come out and will also need to be replaced with new caulk. Below you can find a simple description of how to remove the old caulk.

Caulk Remover

There are chemical products on the market which will help you degrade the caulk and make it easier to remove. You can find these caulk removers at most any hardware store or Wal-Mart. The instructions will be on the package and some of the heavier duty ones will require you to apply it and let it sit overnight.

The caulk remover loosens the caulk and allows it to be removed much easier. Check the reviews for the caulk removers to find the one that will work best for you.

Utility Putty Knife

There are caulk-removing tools but any utility putty knife should work fine as well. You will be able to scrape away the old caulk after the caulk remover substance has been sitting on it over night. You can peel away large portions while other pieces may come off in chunks.

Clean Up

Make sure to clean the area after you remove the caulking. You can use simple rubbing alcohol and a rag. Clean it real well or foreign matter will affect how well your next layer of caulk works. You want to get all debris and dust out of the area. Use a shop-vac if you own one.

Apply New Caulk

Now that the old caulk has been removed and the area has been thoroughly cleaned, you can apply the new caulk. Make sure to find the best caulk for the job. Again, use reviews found at store websites. Take your time and apply the caulk nice and easy and don’t try to skimp to finish the job. Make sure you have enough caulk and that the seams are completely and well sealed.