Clog in Your Main Drain in Melbourne Florida


Clog in Your Main Drain in Melbourne Florida

Posted on July 14, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber
clearing clogs in old FL homes
Older homes have cast iron drains.

Clearing the main drain from your home is a task you will most likely run into in your lifetime. For Brevard County residents living in home built before the 1980’s, it is something you have most likely had to deal with more than once.

The older drains are built out of cast iron and they collect debris and build-up over time. Not only that but the cast iron drains start to corrode and collapse on themselves. Every single one is a ticking time-bomb. And by that I don’t mean they’ll explode. I just mean they will fail and you will be force to lay new pipe.

If your drain is still in tact and is just clogged, you can call us to clear it for you. An extremely long auger will need to be run down into the system to clear a pathway for exiting wastewater.

People with older homes find that this is something that usually needs to be done every few years at minimum. It is one of the disadvantages of having an old plumbing system. But, many are glad that the process can still be done and that it doesn’t require an entire replacement.

Is your main exit drain clogged? You will know if it is. Water doesn’t drain from sink and tub as quickly as it used to. Also, if water is backing up from your washing machine drain, this is a tell-tale sign.

Call Space Coast Plumbing Inc today and schedule an appointment if you need drain clearing.

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