Substances That Cause Household Drain Clogs


Substances That Cause Household Drain Clogs

Posted on May 14, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

clogged drainYou probably have suffered from clogged drains before and were able to resolve it either using a commercial drain cleaner or by calling a professional plumber. We all know that drains get clogged, but what are they clogged with? Here is a list of the six most common reasons for the clog:

  1. Hair – Human hair is designed to protect us from sun and weather. But it is also designed to replace itself in a cycle over time. This means that your hair is constantly falling out. Most of the time this occurs in your shower and when you wash your hair or shave.
  2. Soap – Soap re-solidifies once it has collected and cools. This goes for all soap types. These soaps include hand soap (major culprit), shampoos, laundry soap and dish soap.
  3. Dirt – Dirt makes for a great component with the soap mentioned above. It adds strength to the clog and allows it to congeal.
  4. Food Waste – Even if you don’t have a garbage disposal, food is getting into your drains. When you wash dishes or rinse a plate off, it travels down the drain in small bits that will latch onto the existing drain clog.
  5. Minerals – Minerals are in water. They are especially in hard water or unfiltered water. If you have a well for your water, then you know this fact all too well. Minerals start building microscopically and can be seen over long periods of time causing buildup.
  6. Toilet Paper – It’s a fact of life: we all need toilet paper. And no matter how biodegradable this stuff is, it can still cause buildup in your sewage drains.  The paper latches onto existing clogs and allows it to compound itself.

In conclusion it is a good idea to use drain cleaner from time to time to prevent existing clogs from growing worse. Clogs are a fact of life and there are very few people who go through life without having to address a serious clog.

If you cannot fix your clog with over-the-counter remedies, call a plumbing professional right away.

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