Increase Water Quality with Pipe Replacements in Melbourne Florida


Increase Water Quality with Pipe Replacements in Melbourne Florida

Posted on January 2, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

repiping melbourne flOver time, metal piping systems corrode resulting in poor water pressure, failing joints, multiple leaks, discolored or rusty water, and potential flooding. These problems are not only solved with Plastic Pex pipe replacement, but it helps prevent future problems by using modern plastic pipe materials for your upgraded potable water system.

Benefits of Pipe Replacement in Melbourne

  • Improvement of the quality and flow of your home’s drinking water
  • Prevention of potential devastating leaks that may result in costly damage to your home
  • Avoid future problems caused by corrosion when upgrading to modernized plastic piping

Task of Replacing Old Pipes

  1. Diagnosis of the Drinking Water System

First, your home’s cold and hot drinking water system is examined to evaluate the level of necessary repairs and your pipe systems design.

  1. Re-Piping of Your Home

Next, pipes located under your home needing replacing are removed. The pipes are removed by cutting away little sections of drywall located in front of the defective pipes, from the floor straight up to the faucet. In place of the old defective pipe, we install the Plastic Pex pipe.

  1. Restoration of the Wall

Finally, areas of the wall which were removed or impacted due to the replacement of piping are then repaired and the drywall left in paint-ready condition.

Pipe Replacement Benefits in Florida

Replacing your drinking water system pipes have numerous benefits. While some are obvious, such as the prevention of future maintenance problems or potential increase in your home’s resale value. Other benefits, however, are not so obvious. The following are some of the benefits of pipe replacement:

Modernization of your home’s drinking water system. For generations, copper piping has been the ideal choice for Now, flexible Plastic Pex pipe is used for the modernization of water pipe systems. These durable pipes will not bend and they are also cheaper and quicker to install. The plastic pipe does not have the natural corrosive elements as metal pipe.

Water quality is improved. Pipe corrosion results in heavy metals escaping into your home’s drinking water system. Soon after installation is when these effects begin. In addition to saving on costly repair issues when upgrading to plastic piping, you and your family can enjoy cleaner drinking water.

Water pressure is improved. Not only is pipe corrosion unhealthy for you, it also affects your water pressure. Water pressure is reduced due to the corrosive process clogging aerators. Over time, your water system will flow smoother by using a non-corrosive substance.

If you considering pipe replacement, contact a professional plumber to ensure the job is done correctly.

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