Causes of a Leaky Faucet


Causes of a Leaky Faucet

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Melbourne Plumber

Hearing the occasional drip from your faucet is actually a rather common plumbing issue.  While you might have learned to ignore it, even a slow drip can lead to a serious plumbing problem later on for your Melbourne, Florida home.  Here are a few issues that might be causing your leaky faucet.

High Water Pressure

When you notice a leak in your faucet, pay attention to what time of day it happens.  Does it happen at night, or when no one else is home?  This could mean that your water pressure is too high.  When no other fixtures are being used, the pressure builds up in your faucet, causing the drip.  The leaks start in your faucet, but the pressure can eventually cause pinhole leaks in the pipes, which gradually worsen the longer you wait to address the issue.

Old Parts

If you have a steady drip throughout the day, it could mean that there is a washer inside the faucet that is worn out and needs replacing.  Some sinks have a seal that can wear out when it gets older, and it can no longer hold off the water pressure anymore.  Other types of sinks have cartridges with several moving parts that can eventually wear out.  In some instances, one of the parts may need to be replaced, whereas other instances may call for the entire cartridge being replaced.

Cracks in Your Plumbing

Cracks in your plumbing can also lead to a leaky faucet.  When a plumbing pipe has a leak, or it has a loose fitting, the pipe itself will leak while causing a leak at the sink closest to it.  If the leak is slow and steady, it’s time to take a look under your sink and investigate the pipes.  Take a look at where the pipes connect, and search for any type of damage, such as cracks or holes.  Loose fittings can also be a culprit.  Bear in mind that even if you don’t find anything under your sink, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue.  Sometimes the damage can be behind the wall.  If you can’t seem to find a source for your leak, it’s time to call in a professional.

A slight drip from your faucet might not seem like a cause for concern, but that drip can be indicative of a larger issue about to take hold.  If you notice a drip in one of your faucets, be sure to call your local Melbourne, Florida plumbing experts right away.

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