How Some Plumbing Emergencies May Occur


How Some Plumbing Emergencies May Occur

Posted on May 3, 2016 by Melbourne Plumber

Kid snorkeling in a flooded room, his father looking at the leaking plumbing, EPS 8 vector illustrationEveryone has dealt with a plumbing emergency at one point or another throughout their lives. It could have been flushing too much toilet paper and receiving an extremely large backflow, or clogging the sink while letting the dishwater out. Small things such as these may happen, but what happens when the emergency involves calling a licensed plumber? Some people tend to attempt do-it-yourself repairs on their personal plumbing and end up making the situation much worse. There are a few emergency jobs only a licensed plumber is trained to handle, that the average person might not be able to take on.

What Really Gets Clogged into Drains?

Believe it or not, many professional plumbers can give you a long list of interesting things that they’ve pulled out of drains or drain pipes. Ordinarily you would not put anything in a toilet besides toilet paper, but what about your smaller children. Legos, small cars, and other toys have been known to find their way into drains causing quite an uproar for your plumbing. Clogged drains can also occur when long hair goes down the drain in the shower or bath. If you do not have any children and have very short hair, you will probably never experience either of those scenarios, but there are a ton of other ways that a drain and the drain pipes can become clogged and require the help of a licensed professional.

There are times that the clog may not be in your home, rather outside in the municipal line, the line that provides your home with city or town water. Although a professional plumber must be called to fix the city or town pipe lines, you have to clean up and endure the backup. Taking proper care of your drains and making sure that they stay clutter free as best as you can will ensure less chances of any type of backup or clogging occurring.

Leaking Around Toilets, Facets, Hoses, Pipes, or Your Hot Water Heater

Another major plumbing emergency that is normally seen is leakage around certain plumbing areas or appliances. The toilets have a small wax ring that helps keep the waste from being poured out between the toilet and floor connection. This sometimes weakens and allows for the passing waste to leak out. Pipes have a number of reasons to leak, being damaged, freezing and many more.

One major factor that each of these leaking problems, and others, have in common is that with every drop that it leaks is more money wasted. Over time, leaking can cause other costly repairs such as to the floor or wall. It can create hazardous conditions with producing mold, and it can be a real pain to clean up behind. Whenever you are faced with a leak, contact a licensed professional before it gets too out of control and turns into an emergency.

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