Plumbing Jobs That Are For Professionals Only


Plumbing Jobs That Are For Professionals Only

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Melbourne Plumber

PlumberAre you a weekend warrior that feels he/she can conquer any home repair task? Does replacing a window seem like an easy chore? How about putting in a stone patio? Seem like child’s play? Well, maybe you can do all that. Then again, maybe you’re more like Tim “the Toolman” Taylor where everything goes wrong. You are probably going to make the situation worse and spend more money in the long run. Either way, there are some plumbing jobs that are for professionals only.

If you are considering a remodel of your bathroom, you might be thinking of a new sink or tub.  Replacing and installing any sink or tub is a job best left to a professional. Or perhaps your remodel consists of changing some of the rooms in your house around. The bathroom will now be where an office once was. The water supply will have to be directed to that new location. Putting in new pipes is definitely a job for a professional. If you are adding a new bathroom or your house is a new construction, per regulations in your town, the job must be performed by a professional.

Another job for a professional plumber is fixing a water heater. I know, you thought it might be the heating guy who is responsible for that; nope. It’s a plumber’s job. If it has to do with water, it’s a job for a plumber.

Some of the biggest and dirtiest jobs are those associated with your septic or sewer systems. Two issues you would never wish on your worst enemies would be a septic tank rupture or a sewer pipe leak.  Your yard has to be dug up, the source of the leak located and then repaired. Afterwards the trench or hole needs to be filled in. Not only wouldn’t you have to proper equipment or licensing to do these jobs, who would want to do them?

Sure, you can replace a washer in your faucet. Maybe you can even take a few pipes apart to retrieve your wife’s earring that fell down the bathroom sink. And changing out a toilet might be something you can handle. But certain work requires specialized licenses. These jobs require someone who is experienced and has the licenses. Don’t put your home in danger by attempting these jobs yourself.  Call a professional plumber to get the job done right.

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