When to Call for Leak Detection


When to Call for Leak Detection

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Melbourne Plumber

Burst Water PipeWhen leaks happen under a sink in the kitchen or bathroom, you’re bound to see it sooner or later. However, since the plumbing system in your home is complex and includes a network of drains and pipes throughout the house, you might not notice all leaks right away. Any pipe in the plumbing system can start to leak and the water lost might be found in the walls, on the floor or ceiling, or even in your yard. You can sometimes guess there’s a leak when you start to smell mold or mildew. But when is the right time to call for a professional who knows all about leak detection?

Here are four things that can give you a clue that you might have a leak:

A higher than normal water bill – For most families, the water bill is roughly the same month after month, although it can be higher in the summer due to watering the grass or landscaping more. But if your bill seems unusually high, it can be because of a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. If this is the case, a licensed master plumber can come to your house and use fiber optic video which inspects the pipes for damage.

Low water pressure – One easy way to tell you have a leak in the plumbing is by low water pressure. Since water supplies are pressurized to make sure they flow properly, the flow of water will greatly slow down when there is a leak. When water starts to trickle out of the shower head or faucet, it’s time to call in a plumber to find that leak.

Old pipes – If you live in or have recently bought an older home, chances are the plumbing system may need to be updated. Old pipes can be harmful to your health and can also need updating to fix any issues with leaking. Having a licensed plumber come to your home and check out the pipes can help you to understand what you’re dealing with and whether or not you should consider getting them replaced.

Water spots outside in the yard – Pipes that connect to your municipal water supply can have leaks, just like the pipes inside your home can. If you notice water spots in your yard you may have a leak underneath where the pipe or sewer line is. A qualified plumber can find the exact spot where the leak is and fix it quickly, saving you from having an excessively high water bill.

So if you notice any of these things happening, it’s in your best interest to call a licensed master plumber right away. They can determine the origination of the leak and get it fixed quickly, saving you from an enormous water bill.

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