What is Backflow and What Causes It?


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What is Backflow and What Causes It?

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

If your water has started looking or tasting weird, it is possible you have a backflow problem. Backflow is when the incoming water starts moving the wrong way at some point. This can cause the water to mix with toxic or dirty water in the process and the water is tainted by the time it comes out of your faucet or shower head. What Causes Backflow? There are two possible reasons backflow may be occurring: Back Pressure: Pressure from somewhere further down the lines may be forcing  water back into the line. Back Siphonage: This happens when the pressure from ...

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What is Backflow?

Posted on June 29, 2014 by Melbourne Plumber

Whether you own a home or business, it’s crucial to make sure there is no backflow in any of your pipes. Backflow is the term used to describe dirty, contaminated, non-potable, or sewage waste which is erroneously released into clean water lines which are used for drinking water, or water used by a dishwasher, hot tubs, or pool. Pipes are constructed with backflow prevention devices to make sure this doesn’t happen as it could cause severe illness to an individual or population. Backflow can happen in a variety of situations, such as when insecticide attachments are put on hoses and ...

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