How to Fix a Toilet that Won’t Stop Running


How to Fix a Toilet that Won’t Stop Running

Posted on November 22, 2023 by Melbourne Plumber

Toilet won't stop running

There are devices in your toilet which measure how much water is in the tank then signal another device to close the incoming water valve when it is full. If there is a problem anywhere along this process then you can end up with a toilet that doesn’t stop incoming water flow. The result is a toilet which makes an annoying noise and an elevated water bill. So, what causes this issue?

  1. Find the Issue

Figure out which device is malfunctioning. It will be the fill valve or the flapper valve. The flapper valve is the device which controls the flow of water into the bowl section of the toilet. The fill valve is the one which regulates the amount of water which is taken into the tank itself.

  1. How to Check the Flapper Valve

After opening the back of your toilet, take a look at the flapper valve. If it appears worn or damaged then this is definitely your issue. You will need to replace this part. It is more cost effective than fixing it. Turn off your water and drain the bowl. Replace the valve.

  1. Look at the Fill Valve

The fill valve is the one which stops the influx of water into the tank. It does this by using a float mechanism. Make sure this valve is clean and moving freely. If this valve is stuck , brown, damaged or malfunctioning then replace it using the same steps mentioned above. Remember, turning OFF the water is the first and most important step.

  1. Flush Valve Seat

Debris collection or mineral deposits on the flush valve seat can occasionally be the cause of a running toilet. To remedy this, empty the tank by flushing the toilet after turning off the water supply. Make sure the flush valve seat is completely clean by using a sponge or cloth. To guarantee a good seal, the seat may need to be replaced if it is worn out or broken.

  1. Test Your Install

After you have replaced the valve which is malfunctioning and put everything back together, it is time to test the toilet. Turn on the water, let the bowl fill and test flush. If the flush is weak or incomplete then you can adjust the Fill Valve. This will make the tank fill up higher and will make each flush stronger. 

Don’t forget, a plumber near you can do this for you. It will most likely take under an hour to accomplish. So, you may want to ask what his rate is first. The parts and pieces will not be included in his rate. There is a chance he has a special price or each job which may save you a little money.


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