Should I Purchase and Install a Water Filtration System?


Should I Purchase and Install a Water Filtration System?

Posted on September 25, 2023 by Melbourne Plumber
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Water purity is something humans have known is important for thousands of years. And even though our ancestors may not have known exactly what impurities in water were or how it affected us, they knew the value of clear and clean drinking water.

The cleaner the water, the clearer and better tasting it is. But some impurities could go undetected by visual inspection or taste. Oftentimes, toxic metals found their way into the water and negatively affected the populace. It was perfectly normal to have lead pipes bringing your drinking water in not that long ago. Science has helped us understand long-term poisoning and the effect bad water can have. 

Early Filtration

Hundreds of years ago, people learned that you could filter water by running it through sand or charcoal. Their main reason for doing this back then was simply to make bad tasting water taste better. They knew that the dirtier the water, the worse it tasted.

The renowned father of medicine, Hippocrates, started to experiment on himself to purify water. In order to “purify” the water he used for his patients, Hippocrates created his own rudimentary water filter. This filter, which was a fabric bag through which water could be poured after boiling, became known as the “Hippocratic sleeve” in later years. Any sediment in the water that was producing an unpleasant taste or smell would be caught by the cloth.

Modern Filtration

The evolution of this science has helped us figure out how to purify our water better. There are multiple ways a family can have their drinking and bathing water purified to where it is not harmful in any way and it is safe and healthy to drink. Below we will mention the current methods to purify water.

Whole Home Filtration

This is by far our favorite. We install these for our clients and have one in our own home. Basically, a carbon filtration system is installed at the main water pipe coming into the home. This assures that all water in your home is cleaned and cleared of chlorine, particles, heavy metals and other chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis

These systems work by pumping water through a semipermeable membrane which only allows the water and nothing else to pass through. The impurities are then flushed out of the system leaving you with pure water.

These systems can be installed on sinks, refrigerators and even at the water main. They require minor maintenance to keep them clear and running smoothly. We have seen good systems work for decades before needing to be replaced.


Most anyone can install the system on their sink or buy a Brita. Some people may even be able to pull off the home installation of the home unit. But for everyone else, there are professional plumbers willing to do this work for you.

We install whole-home filtration systems which will benefit everyone living inside of that home. We can come to your home, take a look around and give a free estimate. If you are living in Melbourne or surrounding areas, please feel free to call us.

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