Why is My Bathtub Not Draining?


Why is My Bathtub Not Draining?

Posted on August 25, 2023 by Melbourne Plumber

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There can be various reasons as to exactly why this is happening but to put it simply, there is a blockage of some sort. Something is preventing water from going down the pipe.

The average person uses 16 gallons of water when they shower. That is a lot of water that must escape your tub or shower area.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance 

Something that we are all supposed to do but rarely ever do with showers and tubs is regular cleansing of pipes. We usually only spend time on our pipes after they have clogged. A regular cleaning will prevent the pipes from clogging. A simple non-abrasive cleaner can be run through the pipes every few months to keep them clear. You can also run a bottle brush into the drain entrance itself to loosen any debris.

The Stopper is Malfunctioning

The stopper is the device that closes and opens the flow of water through your bathtub’s drain. It’s usually a little lever located under the faucet. If this system gets worn down and starts malfunctioning, you will have problems with water draining from your tub. You can replace this yourself or call a professional plumber in your area to do so.

Debris Blockage

Sometimes it can be a large foreign object or even accumulation of hair and soap and hair that cause your drain to become stuck. In this case you can use a strong liquid to clear the organic material. If this liquid stuff doesn’t work then it may be time to snake the drain.

Hard Water Build Up

Over time the minerals from hard water start to build up on the walls of your drain pipes. These will eventually lead to a bottle-necking of water flow. A plumber can use various methods to clean this out. He can also install a water softener on the mainline to allow the water in the home to be softer.

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