Items Which Will Cause Clogs


Items Which Will Cause Clogs

Posted on November 3, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber

One of the many conveniences of modern plumbing is the ability to get rid of waste in an easy fashion. Whether this is human waster or food waste, we can just flip a switch and wash it away. But it is important to remember that everything is not flushable or made to easily go down your drain. In this article we  look at items which are better thrown away and not flushed or disposed of down your sink.

Coffee Grounds

People have been running these down the sink for decades. You will most likely not have any trouble getting the grounds down the sink for a long time. But eventually they will contribute to creating a clog.  This is because coffee grounds tend to clump together. Mix in some animal fat and you have a recipe for a stubborn clog.

coffee grounds down sink?

Cat Poo Down the Toilet

The poo itself is not a problem for your toilet. In fact, that’s what is made for. But kitty litter is. If you are flushing kitty litter down the toilet it is only a matter of time before this causes an issue.

Food Down the Toilet

The simple fact is that pipes are too narrow for food scraps. Food can clump together and become quite a stubborn clog. This is because it has not been broken down in any fashion. You can end up with a clog that causes raw sewage to back into your home and nobody wants that. You can use your sink‘s garbage disposal for this or simply throw it in the trash.

Grease or Animal Fat

This is actually a big no-no for both your toilet and your sink. Grease will eventually solidify and glum onto other debris which will in turn cause a major clog. Animal fat and grease is the number one cause for a drain clog. Hair is number two.

We hope this article has served you well and made you aware of what not to flush down your sink or toilet. We are here to serve.


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