Reasons Why Your Toilet Fills Slowly


Reasons Why Your Toilet Fills Slowly

Posted on March 29, 2022 by Melbourne Plumber

slow water toilet problem

Does our toilet seem like it is filing slower and slower? There could be various reasons as to why this is happening. In this article we will review the reasons why. We will also suggest solutions.

Water Valve Turned Too Low – The valve controlling the amount of water the toilet receives is the first place to check. Make sure the water valve which connects to the toilet is turned all the way to the open position.

A Clogged Vent – There is an air vent which allows pressure to escape while the water is filling. The vent runs through the wall and out of the roof. You can get on the roof, or have a professional get up there, and check to see if the vent is clogged. In that case it wil be need to be unclogged.

A Clogged Drain – The drain which runs from the tank to the bowl may also be clogged. You can run a small snake down this drain to unclog it.

Broken or Blocked Plumbing – If the water is still filing slowly you may have a plumbing problem elsewhere in the home. Your water pressure could be low because of a leak or clog elsewhere in the home. At this point I would recommend hiring a professional to diagnose the situation.


You can fix most of these things yourself. If you are finding it hard to fix yourself you can always call a professional plumber to help.

Space Coast Plumbing Inc. has well over several decades of experience handling problem relating to toilet bowls.  We are confident we can have your situation resolved in a hurry.


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