Do You Need a New Main Water Line?


Do You Need a New Main Water Line?

Posted on October 6, 2021 by Melbourne Plumber

In this article we will cover what the main water line is and what it does. We will also go over information to help you determine if it is time for a new one.

Main Water Line

The main water line is the pipe which connects your house to the city main water line. This is the source of all your household water.

The city is responsible for the city main line and part or some of the line leaving the city main pointing to your property in many cases. You are responsible for any part of the line which is within your property lines.

Replacing my main water line

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Signs That it Needs Replacing

  1. You water bill increases a significant amount. – Your water bill may increase in the summer when more showers are taken or when you install a new pool. But if there is a sudden unexplained price hike you may want to investigate the water main.
  2. Strange Sounds – If you notice sounds coming from the pipes in different areas of your home, that may be a sign that the main pipes, which feed all of them, is damaged or is in need of replacement.
  3. Water Pressure Low – Has your water pressure been getting lower? If this is the case for all of your points of water access, it is a sure sign that your water main may be damaged or deteriorating.
  4. Sinkholes or Cracks  – If you notice sinkholes in the yard or cracks in the foundation you could possible have a main water leak.

What to Do

Spring into action and get this looked at immediately. If you are confident it is not your part of the main which is causing the issue, call the city. If you are unsure, call a licensed plumber near you.

A licensed plumber can diagnose the exact problem and have a solution ready for you in a few hours. Time is money as they say, so the sooner you act the better. If you are losing money because of the leak, you may want to mention that to your plumber so he knows you may be losing money with every passing hour.


Unfortunately this can vary wildly between a repair and a replacement and depending on where your main is located, how easy the access to it is and what materials are used to complete the repair. There is no way to estimate this in this article. Call your plumber today.


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