What to do About Chlorine Smelling Water


What to do About Chlorine Smelling Water

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Melbourne Plumber
Chlorine smell in water
You may have noticed you water smells like chlorine lately.

If you live in Melbourne, you probably have noticed the smell of chlorine in your water is more prominent lately. This is because the city is performing a disinfection procedure. This process is designed to keep the water and pipes safe for the long run. Approx. 170,000 people are affected.

The water treatment in Melbourne Florida usually consists of treating the it with a tiny amount of chloramine, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. From time to time the city will switch to chlorine only. This is necessary to keep the system free of bacterial growth.

The current treatment change started a few weeks ago and will last until June 17. At that time they will switch back to the chloramine.

So, does your water taste like swimming pool water and your showers smell like it too? There are a few things you can do.

Regarding your drinking water, some people have found that sediment filters like Brita or Pur do a good enough job of filtering out the chlorine smell. For others, it is simple not effective enough. I suggest buying water jugs from your local grocery store until June 17.

But there is another solution, one that wil help with the showers too. You can have a professional install a water filter and dechlorinator at the water source. This is called a “whole house water filter” and is something I often recommend to my clients. Your showers will be more pleasant and you can drink water right from the tap.

If you were doing fine before the water treatment switch began then I suggest you just hang in there. Only nine more days until they switch it back. But a whole house water treatment is something definitely worth considering.

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