Why are There Black Specks in my Water?


Why are There Black Specks in my Water?

Posted on November 18, 2019 by Melbourne Plumber
black specks coming out of faucet?
Do you have tiny black specks in your water?

If you are seeing black specks in your water then something is most definitely wrong. In this article we will explain what those specks probably are and how to get rid of them for good.

The most likely cause of black specs in your water are one of these four culprits:

  1. Pipe corrosion – Old corroded pipes will start to degrade and tiny pieces of the pipe will wash away in the water.
  2. Corroded Water Heater – If the black specks only seem to appear when you are using hot water, this may be due to an old corroded water heater.
  3. Are the Specks rubbery? This means they may be coming from the faucet/hose itself. Rubber seals and grommets can degrade over time and break apart piece-by-piece.
  4. Are you on Well Water? – For our friends outside of city limits on well water, if you notice black specks in your water you probably will see brown and lightly colored specks too. This could mean that your well is pulling some dirt into the system. There are many other important reasons to install a good filter in your well water system.


Getting Those Specks Out

Here we will go over the fixes that can be performed to the corresponding number above:

  1. Get your pipes inspected. Proper diagnosis of the problem and where it is occurring is important. You may need to replace part or all of your pipe system.
  2. If your water heater is not that old then it is a good idea to have it flushed. You can get rid of the sediment this way. If your heater is old then it is probably a good idea to have it replaced.
  3. If you have tiny rubbery specks, it may be time to replace your faucet or hose, depending on which fixture you are seeing the rubbery specks emanate from.
  4. Specks coming from a well water system may mean you need to install a water filter in your home. If you already have one, it may be time to clean/replace it.


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