Different Kinds of Plumbing Noises and What they Mean


Different Kinds of Plumbing Noises and What they Mean

Posted on August 5, 2019 by Melbourne Plumber

loose pipes may cause noisePlumbing makes noise. Most of the time it is just the plumbing doing its thing. It is carrying water to an appliance, or it is carrying waste water away from a receptacle. Sometimes, plumbing noises are not normal and can be a sign is something wrong.

Here we list some sounds and what they mean:

  1. Whooshing – If you hear a whoosh from your pipes that starts up out of nowhere this may be a sign of mineral deposits. The especially happens in galvanized and copper pipes. The buildup is causing the water to whoosh around inside the pipe.
  2. Banging – This usually means the pipes were installed improperly behind the walls. The way to fix them is have a plumber expert fasten them down properly. If not done, these pipes could come apart behind the wall and that is an entirely new headache for you.
  3. Whistling – Have you heard whistling in your home? Usually this has to do with the toilet. An improperly sealed toilet fill valve may be the culprit. Remove the back of the toilet and give the mechanism and adjustment. If it still whistles, you may need to replace it.
  4.  Rumbling – This is probably coming from your hot water tank. The tank can fill with sediment over years and now the device is not regulating heat properly. The tank needs to be drained.

There are some sounds that we have missed. Feel free to comment below and we will go over any that we missed.

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