Whole Home Water Filtration – Is It For You?


Whole Home Water Filtration – Is It For You?

Posted on May 31, 2019 by Melbourne Plumber
whole home water filtration
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When the water comes from the city water treatment plant it is highly chlorinated. This is to prevent bacteria from forming on its way to your house. And although the chlorination levels are safe to drink, it can cause the water to taste bad and be hard on the skin.

Many folks already have a water filter on their faucet for their drinking water. But, have you ever considered a whole-home water filter? This filter treats the water before it enters your home’s main pipe system.

The filter will not only remove any excess chlorine, it will also remove all other contaminates and toxic metals. Whatever your water quality trouble is, more than likely it can be solved with one of these filters.

Your water will be safe to drink right out of the tap and you won’t be burdened with that chlorination smell when you shower.

You can install the system yourself or call us and we can give you a quote. Here is a video on the DIY approach:

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