Variety of Faucet Types for Your Bathroom and Kitchen


Variety of Faucet Types for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Posted on March 13, 2019 by Melbourne Plumber

types of faucetsA faucet was originally the name given to the apparatus that you stuck into a cask or barrel that allowed the liquid inside to flow. As you can imagine, this was particularly popular with beer casks in old England. Now the name applies to the apparatus in which water flows at your kitchen or bathroom sink.

There are multiple types of faucets for both bathroom and kitchen. In this article we wil list those types and give a a brief explanation of each.

Bathroom Faucets

Single Handle
As you can probably guess, this faucet is one in which there in one handle on the top. The faucet can be turned on by moving the handle back. The hot and cold water can be switched by moving the handle left or right. Leaving the handle in the mid-way position creates warm water.

Center Set
This faucet is probably the most common. The water spout is in the middle and there is a hot knob on one side and a cold one on the other.

Spread Fit
This is very much like the center set but the knobs are much further out from the center and require separate holes to be drilled for installation.

Sprinkle Faucet
This faucet features a square opening where the water is expelled from (as opposed to the standard circular one). It has a more modern look to it.

Kitchen Faucets

Pull Down
This is the type of faucet where the spray handle is in the spout and can be pulled outward for spraying purposes. When you let go of it, it will retract into the spout.

Separate Spray
The sprayer is located away from the water spout (usually on the right side). When the water is engaged the main spout stops flowing and the sprayer starts spraying.

This is the more modern “fancy” type of faucet. The motion detector triggers the flow of water when your hands go beneath the faucet.

There are many variations of these main types and many companies offer all different shades and styles of these basic functioning designs.

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