Making Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe


Making Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe

Posted on November 2, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

drinking water safety All humans, and living creatures for that matter, need water to survive. Water serves many functions in the human body. Without it we don’t exist. So, the quality of water that goes into your body will affect your overall life experience.

Contaminated water has been responsible for many deaths throughout history and has made national news lately in Flint, Michigan. It was discovered the water at municipal water supply was tainted with lead (a known poison). So, how can you make sure your water is safe for drinking?

First off we’d like to point out that the overwhelming majority of water supplied by officials in each city in the USA is well-regulated and tested. The water tests are often published and can be found with a little internet searching. But, if you wish to test your own water, there are many water testing kits available for purchase online. For example, here is one that tests for ten different impurities available on Amazon for 35 bucks.

If you decide to perform your own test here are some quick pointers so that you will get the best results:

* Make sure to perform the test exactly as prescribed. Don’t take any short cuts.

* Use “first draw” water. That is the very first water that comes from the faucet when you turn it on. Don’t let it run first.

If it turns out you have impurities in your water and even though they are listed as a safe levels you do not feel comfortable, there are some things you can do to reduce them:

*Use water purification system or pitcher (Brita for example).

*Let water run for 15 seconds before you pour into container.

*Clean your faucet screen often.

*Cook with cold water. Lead is more likely to be in hot water.

Today, there is no reason a person cannot have the very best drinking water. The knowledge and technology relating to the subject is very advanced and a person can become educated on it very quickly.

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