Water Conservation


Water Conservation

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

lake meadThere are some people that may think the idea of water conservation is a ploy or political trick to sway people to think or vote a certain way. But, there are indisputable facts when it comes to Earth’s fresh water.

  1. There is a finite supply. Only 1% of Earth’s water is fresh water, ie., water than can be ingested by animals. The rest is salt water or frozen in glaciers. The amount of energy it takes to work on the Earth’s glaciers or to run desalinization plants is enormous.
  2. Places like Nevada and California are running out of water. Some people call it a twenty year drought. But in reality the population size on this region and its consumption of a finite resource is emblematic of what will happen to the rest of the world as time moves forward. The pipes that drain water from Lake Mead are being drilled lower and lower as the lake is being drained dry.
  3. There is already enormous water consumption by the average American family. They use an average of 1136 liters per day. This is used for everything from drinking it, flushing it and bathing in it.

How You Can Conserve

  1. You can perform standard plumbing inspections to reveal leaks and have them patched.
  2. You can consciously decide to take shorter showers and not leave the sink running.
  3. You can upgrade your toilet to newer models that use less than half of the water as older models.
  4. You can water you lawn less. Make sure to use the minimal amount of water when watering your lawn and make sure your automatic sprinklers don’t run when rain is expected.

In the end we are all sharing the planet and want whats best for it. We want our species to be able to live and not suffer because of what we do now.

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