Plumbing Problems as a Result of Heavy Rains


Plumbing Problems as a Result of Heavy Rains

Posted on June 28, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

plumbing problems associated with rain in Central FloridaCentral Floridians know about rain. We live through several months where it basically rains every day, sometimes two or three times a day. So, what effect can all this rain have on a plumbing system?

Heavy rains can flood your yard and cause the plumbing pipes buried in your yard to burst. You can usually tell that this has happened when your yard remains flooded even when the rains have subsided.  You may also notice foul smell if the damaged pipe is related to the sewer system. 

The number issue caused by excessive rain is that the drainage pipes around your house can become blocked or backed up. This problem can cause permanent damage and it is a good idea to have the drains and pipes cleared out ASAP.


Be sure that the foundation to your house is sealed. The part where pipes enter your home should be sealed well or water will make its way in, causing damage.

Make sure the caps or plugs on your sewer trap are sealed tight. If they look loose or ill-fitting, tighten or replace them.

Make sure your roof downspouts are connected properly and are free-flowing. Often times these can be damaged in storms and people don’t see the damage.

For any job that you cannot do yourself please call a professional plumber and they will give you a quote for your job.

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