Pipe Replacement in Melbourne, Florida


Pipe Replacement in Melbourne, Florida

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

piping home FloridaNearly every homeowner has dealt with an uncomplicated plumbing problem such as a backed-up toilet or leaky faucet. Generally, these common annoyances are an easy plumbing repair, but more complicated issues can potentially occur at any time, disrupting you and your family’s daily schedules.

Eventually, plumbing piping rusts corrode and decay from regular usage. Homeowners must eventually deal with pipe replacement, or suffer from leaking pipes, and potential flooding of water or sewage resulting in costly damage to your home.

Pipe replacement can be an extremely complicated and expensive process in some situations, however, an experienced plumber in Melbourne, Florida can help homeowners learn more about their plumbing systems by performing a simple inspection. A better understanding of your homes plumbing system’s present condition as well as the type of piping is needed to plan correctly for pipe replacement or repair.

Pipe Used in Your Home

Today the most frequently used pipes are plastic, copper, or PEX. The most commonly used drain line pipe is plastic PVC being almost indestructible. The newest pipe used for residential plumbing is PEX, which is flexible and simple to install. When compared to copper piping, PEX is less costly and typically has a 25-year warranty. However, copper has excellent longevity but is costlier than plastic. Copper piping is commonly used for water supply lines due to its corrosion resistance. Depending on the age of your home, however, the piping used may be cast iron DWV or galvanized steel, requiring complete replacement or expensive repairs.

How much time homeowners can expect their pipes to last depends on the type of piping used in their home. Piping that is well cared for with regular maintenance may last longer than ones neglected. A locally owned Melbourne plumbing company can advise you on what type and condition your plumbing pipes are in.

Do My Pipes Need Replacing?

Any leak, no matter how small, may be an indication that plumbing pipes need replacing. A leak in one location may be a sign of one in another location, especially for homes with original tubing. Yellow or rusty water flowing from pipes may be an indication of decay.

If you suspect any polybutylene pipes or lead pipes are present in your home, consider removing them as soon as possible. Polybutylene pipes break easily. Lead piping poses serious health risks.

Speak with a plumbing professional for more information about pipe repair and replacement in Melbourne.

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