When to Contact a Florida Plumber for Toilet Issues


When to Contact a Florida Plumber for Toilet Issues

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Melbourne Plumber

toilet plumber melbourne flMost homeowners realize that their bathroom is the room most used in their home. Because of this reason, it is not surprising that the toilet breaks on occasion. A malfunctioning toilet can result in major delays for everyone in the family.

If you are a homeowner with a broken toilet, it is understandable to want it repaired quickly. Every toilet problem may not be solved as easily as unclogging a toilet. Many issues may arise within the tank itself, being that many moving parts are located in this area. Homeowners may experience strange noises or continuously running water. Or, water may be building up at the toilet base.

When would an experienced plumber be needed? The following situations are beyond the DIY stage for a broken toilet:

Water Located Near the Base of the Toilet

If water is building up around your toilet base, attempt to clean the location with a paper or small sized towel. Lay another small towel or paper towel in the same location and wait a few hours. After a while, did you find the location wet again? If so, the wax seal located around the base of the toilet may be worn out. To remedy this situation, a professional plumber is needed to replace the wax ring.

If upon returning, the small towel or paper towel is not wet, inspect the connection located between the hose supply and tank. If you are unable to locate the leak, use the same towel method in this area.

Inspect each end of the supply hose and flush valve for leaks. If the leak is located in this area, the supply hose may need to be replaced. The flush valve may need to be replaced if the leak continues.

Slow Refill of Toilet Tank

A leaking flapper or broken flush valve may cause a tank to refill slowly. Remove the lid and flush the toilet. A new flush valve is needed if you hear trickling water or the valve sticks. For either repair, contact a professional Melbourne plumber.

Water Constantly Running

The chain located inside the tank can cause water to constantly run. Ensure the chain has the ability to seal the hole located inside the tank. The flapper may be unable to drop low enough, causing the hole to seal. Attempt to adjust the chain length by unlatching the clip to increase or decrease the size.

Other causes of water constantly running, may require an experienced plumber.

If after attempting to repair the toilet, the problem continues, speak with a locally owned plumbing company for a possible toilet replacement.

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