Keeping Your Septic Tank Working Requires Some Maintenance


Keeping Your Septic Tank Working Requires Some Maintenance

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Melbourne Plumber

When your home has a septic tank, it means that your sewage goes out to the tank and is held until the tank is pumped out. However, the sewage gets broken down while it sits in the tank, allowing some of the extra water to drain off in the drain field, and allowing the solids to settle in the bottom of the tank. If you want your septic tank to last as long as possible, there are a few maintenance things that you can do. Here are some suggestions.

Use Water Efficient Appliances
Using less water allows your septic tank to fill more slowly. So, as a way to use less water, call your local Melbourne plumbing company to come out and install some new appliances. Have them install toilets that flush with only a fraction of the water, a washing machine that’s highly water efficient, and even new faucets and showerheads. This can significantly cut down on how much water you use, which can keep your septic tank from filling as quickly.

Don’t Put Things Down Drains That Don’t Belong There
The balance of bacteria in a septic tank is important, and if you put the wrong items into your tank, it can disturb the balance. You can also clog the plumbing that goes into the tank if you put the wrong items down the drain (or flush them down the toilet). If you want to know what to avoid, here is a quick list of things that should never wind up in your septic tank: grease, floss, cigarette butts, gasoline, diapers, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and coffee grounds. This is not a full list, just a start to give you an idea.

Protect Your Tank’s Drain Field
Your septic tank’s drain field is where the extra water drains off. You want to care for this area of your lawn carefully. You don’t want to plant things there, drive on it, or put something like a pool over it. It could hurt the plumbing coming off the tank, and it can hurt the tank itself, too. Make sure you keep this area clean and well-maintained.

For more information on what you can do to protect your septic tank and help it last as long as possible, speak with your local Melbourne plumbing company. Plus, they can help make sure all of the pipes in your home, and out to the tank itself, are clean, clear, and running properly.

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