Getting to Know Your Hot Water Heater


Getting to Know Your Hot Water Heater

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Melbourne Plumber

Plumbers does maintenance on a hot water heaterMany people like to leave the plumbing, and everything about it, up to the professionals. That is okay, but there are still bits of information that the professional will need in order to give you an accurate quote for the fix you are requesting, especially when it comes to hot water heaters. There are a few things that all homeowners should know about their water heater in case an emergency occurs. This could be the difference in the licensed plumber being prepared for the task at hand or not.

The Location and Type

Pretty straight forward, the location of your hot water heater must be known in order for you to be able to take care of it. In some homes, the hot water heater can be found tucked behind wall sections that are easily removed, in the basement, or in the attic. You should also know what type of water heater that you own. There are a few different types of water heaters, but knowing what helps to make it run is a good start. The types are electronic, propane, and natural gas. The tank type may also be important. The two major types of water heaters are those with a tank and those without. A tank-less water heater does not have any storage space for the water to be held, whereas the water heater with a tank stores its water and heats it up while in storage.

Turning Your Water Heater’s Water Source Off and On

In the event of an emergency, if you are unaware of how to turn off the water source to your water heater it could possibly become damaged. Replacing a hot water heater can become costly. Therefore, it is best to know ahead of time where, and how, to shut it off. You should also familiarize yourself with where the shut off is for the type of water heater that you own. This could potentially be a valve that is located two or three feet away if you have gas connection or an electric breaker for electric water heaters.

Fixing Water Heater Issues

Working on your own water heater can produce benefits such as saving the money that you would spend on a professional plumber. However, if you are unsure of how to correct an issue that you are having with your hot water heater, contacting a professional plumber is ideal. There are plenty of things that a professional, licensed plumber must handle due to the tools needed and the experience required. This can be something as complicated as recalibrating a hot water heater to simply fixing the spigot on your washing machine pipeline.

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