Unblock Your Drains


Unblock Your Drains

Posted on December 26, 2014 by Melbourne Plumber

garbage filterBlocked drains can be one of the most common reasons you would need to call a plumber to your home. In order to keep things running smoothly and avoid a call to your local plumber, you’ll want to know where to look for problems and how to prevent them from happening to begin with.

In the Bathroom

Clogged drains in the bathroom happen due to excess hair in either the sink or shower. Brushing your hair near the sink can cause some of the hair to fall out and it can make its way down the drain. In the shower, it’s common for some hair to fall out and it can be down the drain before you even notice it. When too much hair gets down the drain it can cause a nasty clog. If the clog isn’t taken care of right away it can become much worse and eventually cause the drain to back up. To prevent this from happening, clean the drains regularly by using an inexpensive plastic drain cleaner stick available for sale at any home improvement store. They usually cost only a few dollars but when you use them every couple of weeks you can prevent a much more expensive visit from the plumber.

In the Kitchen

A common cause of blocked drains in the kitchen is because of grease and cooked pasta making its way from the sink to the drain. When in liquid form, grease can flow smoothly. However, when warm grease hits the cold pipes down the drain it quickly begins to solidify, clogging the drain. When it’s too far down the drain, no amount of hot water will get it to loosen up and break free. Even if it did, it would just do the same thing farther down the pipes as it began to get cool again. Pasta that has been cooked becomes sticky as it begins to cool. Much like the grease, the pasta can stick to the inside of the pipes and it can be difficult to get rid of. When you’re proactive and ensure that nothing can get down the drain in your sink, you can avoid these problems.

Outside of the Home

When you think of clogged drains, most people would only think of this happening inside the house. The problem is, a large problem can happen when outside drains aren’t kept clean and working properly, just like the drains inside the home. One common problem is older trees with large roots. These roots seek out water and when they are planted near pipes, they can literally grow into the pipes in search of water. As the roots get bigger, the clogs get worse and over time can cause real damage when the water begins to back up. To prevent this from happening it’s important to know what kinds of trees you have and how much water they need. If they get enough water, they aren’t likely to seek out more.

With a little prevention and paying attention, you shouldn’t need to call a plumber unless you have an emergency of some sort. Simple precautionary measures when it comes to your plumbing can pay off in the end. But if you find you need a plumber, make sure to contact a Master Plumber who can take care of all your plumbing needs and keep your pipes up and running smoothly.

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