The Problem with Leaky Sinks


The Problem with Leaky Sinks

Posted on October 31, 2014 by Melbourne Plumber

Water flowing down the hole in a kitchen sinkLeaky sinks can pose a big problem if they aren’t spotted soon enough. A leak can cause not only water damage, but mold and mildew which can be hard to get rid of and costly as well. While the cost greatly depends on the type of mold, it can also depend on the severity of the mold, the size of the area impacted, and the exact remedy it takes to get rid of it. The worst case scenario, it would be in the thousands of dollars range. So, as a homeowner, you want to take extra precautions when it comes to preventing mold in the first place.

One of the best things you can do is to routinely check underneath all of your bathroom and kitchen sinks, at least once a month. Small leaks can present themselves as discolored, uneven rings on the wood or cabinet liner paper you have underneath the sink. You may even see the actual water on the bottom of the cabinet or leaking from the pipe itself. If this is the case, it’s imperative to get the leak stopped as soon as possible. If you can see the water, chances are the damage will begin to happen quickly.

In this case, call your local plumber in Melbourne, Florida to fix or replace the damaged pipe. The sooner this is done the higher the likelihood you won’t be shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars down the road for mold removal. Fixing or replacing pipes is easy work for a master plumber who understands how to do the job quickly and efficiently. When they are finished, they will test the sink and pipes to make sure everything is working like it should and that no more water is leaking.

Other Issues with Leaky Pipes

It’s not uncommon for a leak that is happening to travel to the floor below, causing even more damage. If your leak in on the first floor, it can be doing damage in the basement. If your leaky sink is near a wall on the outer side of the home, the leak can travel down to the basement along the concrete, causing damage to the concrete over time. Much like mold, concrete damage is very expensive to fix, even more so than mold. Damage to the foundational concrete can compromise the integrity of the structure as a whole, and even after costly repairs, it will be hard to sell your home in the future if you want to move. So as with most plumbing problems, prevention is the key to keeping repairs costs in check.

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