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Protecting Your Homes Exterior Plumbing

Freezing temperatures are already affecting parts of the nation.  It is okay if you haven’t given any thought to protecting your plumbing around the exterior of your home yet.  It only takes a day or two and a small budget … Continue reading

Does My Toilet Need to Be Replaced Soon?

Toilets are fairly simple contraptions.  They have improved over the last few hundred years since the first toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington at the end of the 16th Century.  The first flush required over 7 gallons of water … Continue reading

Do I Need to Winterize my Septic System?

This article is not very applicable to this area of Florida. But north of here and in 90% of the United States folks have to worry about the effects of freezing weather on their plumbing. Unlike city sewage systems that … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Drain Flanges

Drain flanges are like quiet little supporting actors in the daily functioning of your home or business’ main water system fixtures.  They play an integral role in preventing leaks around drains because a flange is just a flat rim that … Continue reading

Why is Under My Kitchen Sink Leaking?

You go to reach for a new garbage bag or the bottle of dishwashing detergent and see a puddle of water under your kitchen sink.  You have two options, one is close the cabinet and pretend you didn’t see it … Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Septic System

It is a common misperception that every home is on the city’s sewer system.  If you live in a rural area or a developing area, chances are you have a septic system and those require maintenance.  It is important to … Continue reading

What Could Be Causing My Toilet To Run?

The most used and abused plumbing fixture in homes today is the toilet.  A good quality toilet can last almost forever if your water isn’t corrosive and you properly maintain its inner workings.  A running toilet can produce a high … Continue reading

How to Fix Banging Pipes

If you can hear a banging sound coming from a pipe within your walls, it may not be as complex of a problem as you may think.  This common issue is known as water hammer because the water is basically … Continue reading

Why Does My Hot Water Not Get Hot Anymore?

The first place a person notices their hot water heater isn’t performing up to par is in the shower.  The faucet handle gradually gets placed further and further to the red side or it stops working all together.  You could … Continue reading

Fixing Low Water Pressure Problems in Your Shower

Showers are seen as a luxury compared to other places around the world.  But when you turn the shower head on, you expect a certain amount of water to flow out.  When it doesn’t, your shower will most likely be … Continue reading